Wayfinding signage is a very important aspect of any signage project, simply put, “if you don’t know where to go – you won’t know where to go.”

We manufacture these signs from various materials such as Perspex, brass, copper, rigid foam boards, marble, MDF board etc.

There honestly is no end to what we can manufacture out of. We also manufacture these signs with internal LED illuminated.  Often due to the positioning of these signs they have to be quite flexible in their make-up and because of this, we often work with aluminium. This is a great metal to work with as it allows us to use various production techniques in our manufacturing processes.

Pylons are a great way to display multi directional information in a large open spaces. For something like an office set up – we would usually mount a sign like this on a wall in a lift lobby. Often in a hotel environment we would need to suspend directional information.

For a directional or Wayfinding sign – it is important to be seen.  Size and positioning is very important.

Every client’s choice is different. We allow them the flexibility to choose, while offering good advice from our years of experience. We are very skilled in making your concepts come to life.  We work with designers and/or architects and clients to make sure that all their needs are met.

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