Knowing what you want and how to put that on paper is sometimes the most difficult part of any project. Our passionate and highly competent design team can assist with the creation and specifications required for your signage, be it an extensive way-finding system or a simple house number. Our experienced team will then match your ideas and designs to the best materials and finishes possible, ensuring the final product is the best it can be.

Artwork Requirements

Help us to get it right!

It is our primary objective to ensure that your brand is reproduced correctly and according to the highest quality possible. This means that in order to do this, we need the artwork files for your logo in the correct formats.

You have to supply us with your logo/artwork in a VECTOR Vector graphics are drawn in paths, which allows the designer to resize images freely without getting pixelated edges. Vector format is generally used in printing while the bitmap format is used for on-screen display. format. Vector formats are commonly supplied in Eps (.eps), Illustrator (.ai) and CorelDraw (.cd).

We cannot accept a logo in BITMAP A bitmap graphic is made up of many tiny parts, called pixels, which are often many different colours. format as they do not allow for scaling and enlarging. A bitmap file is typically a Jpeg, Png or Tiff format.

Please DO NOT:

  • Send us your logo in a Word, Excel or Powerpoint document
  • Send us .tiff, .jpg, .pdf, .dxf or .dwg formats
  • Send us a logo in Microsoft Paint
  • Send us a low resolution file (72dpi)

You CAN:

  • Send us your logo in Illustrator (.ai) / Corel Draw (.cdr) / Eps (.eps ) formats
  • Send us your logo via email, WeTransfer or Dropbox
  • Send us your logo on a USB flashdrive, CD or DVD

Please make sure that:

  1. Your fonts are CONVERTED TO PATHS (or curves) or alternatively you can give us the font
  2. You supply us with your correct colour REFERENCES (Pantone colours)
If you do not have your logo in Vector format, DO NOT STRESS! We are able to assist and redraw your logo in a vector format. But please remember, this may affect timelines and delivery dates.
Vector vs Bitmap



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